Why Jesus? A Simplified Overview

The Christian faith says that life is from God but that humanity is significantly disoriented in regard to what life is supposed to be about.

Good goes bad, but there is hope.
Abraham’s people are blessed to be blessings to all peoples.
Jesus is the faithful Israel.
The Kingdom of Heaven is not like the beastly Kingdoms of worldly empires.

Apocalypse = unveiling; revealing the mysteries that remain.

The Lion is actually still a Lamb.
The war imagery is intentionally ironic but clear in light of the whole.

Video summary showing how humanity is meant to bear the image of God on earth as a way of harmony and flourishing:

Humanness can and should be good and beautiful.

My own summary is one sentence that can be displayed in one picture.

The Bible unfolds a story in which Jesus reveals a way of sacrificial love and invites us to plant our faith in him such that we are rooted in hope while branching out with empathetic love in ways that bless people and glorifies God.




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