Psalm 1 Discipleship

Why trust Jesus?

What does trusting Jesus look like?

What does trusting Jesus produce?

Review of our simplified summary:

Learning the Essentials Helps with All of the Other Parts

The Story includes what is wrong in life, how Jesus deals with that, and the difference it makes through his people.

Life to Death — The Constant Struggle for Meaning & Hope

The Story of Abraham as someone who is blessed by God to bless others in God gets carried through the story of Israel and ultimately to Jesus.

God Reveals in Jesus Life to Death to Life — The Way of the Lamb
The Christian Hope Is Faith the Jesus’ Love Is the Way in Life

The Story Flows


The Psalm 1 Tree is a biblical image of what trusting Jesus looks like.

We grow like a tree drawing life from a flowing story to produce the fruit of blessings

Our Psalm 1 discipleship pattern integrates being rooted in the story of love to produce the fruit of love into one image.




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