Personal Pandemic Perspectives

What we understand about what is going on, and how we are responding (currently)

Smiling while being safe unfortunately looks like fear to some. It is not.


Karla and I are trying to be intentional about learning and applying what we learn. Sharing this is for transparency (how we are thinking) and for the opportunity of adjusting (from hearing what others are thinking).

What we understand about the pandemic

Epidemics, which sometimes spread to become pandemics, have been around throughout human history. Covid19 is the latest threat. It will almost certainly not be the last.

What we are trying to do now

Karla and I are committed to limiting our contact with other people in order to slow the virus’s opportunities to spread rapidly. We believe that the more restrained we are, the more we help the situation.


Slowing the spread of the virus is good for our health, but also for the health of others. Not only do we not want to increase the risk of others getting this, but we also do not want to increase the spread of the virus that multiplies rapidly and subsequently endangers our hospital systems. This is why we are trying to be as careful as we can be.


Karla and I have decided to stay home. That means Karla’s pet care business has stopped. Even though that means losing money, and meaningful interactions, we believe the value of fighting the spread of this virus is worth that sacrifice.

How long?

We made the decision to isolate at home prior to a government order. Our decision was made based on the most consistent medical information coming from experts in epidemiology. Those experts will continue to be our guide. Politicians have their role, as do cultural influences like news personalities, etc. However, we will continue to focus on what people who have given their lives to helping understand and fight against diseases like this are saying.


Whether anyone else reads this or not, writing this out has been helpful for Karla and me. We want to know why we are doing what we are doing and why we do not need to feel compelled to try and reconcile our choices with everyone else’s.

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