1 min readFeb 6, 2018


Karla did a very good job.

I’m gonna try and do a quick & messy C.A.N. paraphrase. Here goes!

“Hey Phil, this is Paul. Surprised that your runaway slave Onesimus is delivering this letter? Good.

I led you from slavery to darkness into the freedom of the light of the gospel of forgiveness and belonging through Christ. How about you factor that into how you treat Onesimus.

And don’t make excuses. If money lost is what concerns you about him running away from you, I’ll give you your filthy lucre.

But seriously. When I get out of prison I’m coming to stay at your house. Try not to make it awkward. We good? I bet we are. Shalom-out, bruv.”

Who is next? Post your C.A.N. paraphrase here in the comments & we will vote with “claps” for the freshest!