Illegal Immigration is More Than Legalities

2 min readJan 17, 2018


The Story of a Sister & Brother Seeking to Live

I planted a church for Spanish speakers in Dallas and then in rural North Carolina in the 1990s. The people I worked with were incredibly brave and diligent (generally speaking). Many were in the US illegally because American citizens invited them to come get paid less than legal US minimum wages.

When I see people post simplistic statements about what is legal, e.g. “It is his fault for breaking the law”, I waver between grief and anger at the lazy and imprecise indictment of the more vulnerable and noble of the parties involved in the shadow economy of illegal US immigration dynamics.

IF we take a broader look at US hegemony in Latin America, including the US govt. training authoritarians to suppress their own poor in exchange for access to US economic exploitation of their resources with nice tipping to the authoritarians, the issue becomes much darker very quickly.

The absolute worst is when I see ***Great Commission Christians*** rail on this topic in thoughtless and ugly ways. I know too many who seem oblivious to their hypocrisy of celebrating missions and The Gospel while undermining the heart of both with their alignment to powers and principalities over and against the subversive revolution of the apostolic call to radical love and inclusion with wisdom and grace in a corrupt world.

I need to stop & get back to work on something positive, but my passion on this subject keeps drawing me in. I pray that some of you who have been posting cold-hearted positions will think a little deeper. If you do, I am almost certain that humane feelings will naturally follow.