Discipleship Essentials Introduction

All authority everywhere is mine, so:

Apprentice everyone everywhere!

1. Immerse them in the revealed Triune (Love God)

2. Teach them to do what I said (Love People)

3. Don’t worry, I’m with you!”

- Jesus’ Great Commission

Quality discipleship is the Holy Grail of Christian living. We all want it. Some of us feel like we have almost had it. Few of us feel like we have had it well enough to confidently provide it for others. I’d like to help change that.

Crown-Hear-World Overview

Our apprenticeship (discipleship framework) will focus on these essential concepts listed below. They will be repeated often as we develop them in increasing detail.

God’s love shaping our Think/Be/Do cycles shows up in and through our lives to his glory.

Think Death to Life

The Bible is about facing death through sacrificial love and finding life.

Be Simple to Deep

Personal faith provides a simple identify while growing deep convictions.

Do Now to Next

Pursuing maturity involves branching out intentionally over time.

Love is the Alpha & Omega

-Think Death to Life

Think Death to Life

The Bible starts with a famously odd story about a couple in a garden who make a fatal mistake. The essence of the story is that their is an oughtness to human life and creation as a whole. Goodness is from God and humanity is supposed to be a connecting point of Heaven and Earth.

Life to death is the problem.

Life as it ought to be is presented in the Bible as a proper ordering of God, humanity, and creation.

Death to Life is the promise.

From Genesis 3:15 to John 3:16 God promises to do for humanity what we cannot do for ourselves. Abraham becomes a hero for believing that God will do what he promises. God affirms his faith and makes it clear what should be the outcome of Abraham’s faith: he is blessed to be a blessing, to all peoples.

Be Simple to Deep

This is the message of faith the apostles proclaimed:

Simple faith is that Jesus is right.

What is Jesus right about? He is right about everything that matters. We are not to be strangled by the effort to untangle every mystery in Heaven & Earth. I don’t know everything that I wish I knew, but I trust that Jesus knows. I stick with him.

Do Now to Next

God begins a good work in us with the intent to bring it forward to full maturity in when Christ is fully revealed. We are exhorted to branch out from our experience of saving faith in the form of increasingly healthy words and deeds. Just like Abraham, we are blessed to be blessings. We are loved so that we can grow in our ability to love better and better. This becomes the point of our Christian life.

God’s Love is the Alpha & Omega

God’s love is why we all exist. God’s redemptive love works in and through us to bring his creative love into time and space. We experience this at every movement through our thinking, being, and doing.