Confession of a Trump Basher

Q: “Why do you hate Trump? Why are you always bashing him?”

A: Hate? I don’t hate him. Bash? I’m not sure that word means what you think it means.

I have been aware of Donald Trump since before his cameo in Home Alone 2. Americans shifted to embrace wealth and power in the 1980s, and The Donald was an icon of those times. He embraced extravagance and selfishness shamelessly, making them his brand.

#ChurchianityAmericana — A Long & Hateful Heritage

Am I exaggerating?

I know it must sound like it, because I am just a regular person. And so I appeal to a greater authority. I will invoke Trump to expresses the devotion of his followers with this infamous boast:

~Their Loyalty to Me > Their Loyalty to Victims~

I have learned what to expect, but I still cannot help but wonder:

The Road we are on has taught me at least one thing. When I see the word “bashing” I know that I have entered into someone’s world of “just locker room talk” and other enchanted rhetoric that is unassailable with mere facts or well documented and disturbing concerns. Where else does one encounter complaints of bashing that deflect reasonable responses more effectively than mithril?

Will I ever stop “bashing” Trump? Yes.

If Donald Trump ever has a conversion like Zacchaeus, an unambiguous reversal that includes restitution for those who have been wrong, I will change my tune. At the moment of writing this, nothing of the kind has happened.

What does “bashing” even mean?

unmarked grave [for some archaic word?]

“Bashing” — verb (archaic)



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