Chapter 1.1 ReThink ReAlign ReNew

  1. What is “True”? [good/bad/meaning/purpose/hope]
  2. Who am I? [identity/character]
  3. What should I do? [goals/sacrifices/improvements]
  1. Clear = uncluttered. State the essentials with as little distraction as possible.
  2. Accurate = unchanged. Say enough of the essentials to have what is uncluttered still be faithful to what is being simplified.
  3. Natural = undistracting. The faithfully simplified translation should sound like it is original to the language it is spoken in, not odd or forced.

How is Crown-Heart-World C.A.N.?

  1. Clear = Using just a few symbols the whole biblical story, including a personal response and way of life, can be depicted on a notecard.
  2. Accurate = Biblical theology, a full course of systematic theology, discipleship with a plan for long term transformational growth and more can all be extracted from this concise diagram.
  3. Natural = It is a picture from Psalm 1, which means it is natural to biblical imagery. It is a fruit bearing tree planted by flowing water which means it is natural to anyone who enjoys scenery.
1 Page Worldview and Life Plan

ReNew within the Story

ReAlign in the Story

ReThink the Story

Ready, set……………………………………….GO!!!




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