Chapter 1.1 ReThink ReAlign ReNew

  1. What is “True”? [good/bad/meaning/purpose/hope]
  2. Who am I? [identity/character]
  3. What should I do? [goals/sacrifices/improvements]
  1. Clear = uncluttered. State the essentials with as little distraction as possible.
  2. Accurate = unchanged. Say enough of the essentials to have what is uncluttered still be faithful to what is being simplified.
  3. Natural = undistracting. The faithfully simplified translation should sound like it is original to the language it is spoken in, not odd or forced.

How is Crown-Heart-World C.A.N.?

  1. Clear = Using just a few symbols the whole biblical story, including a personal response and way of life, can be depicted on a notecard.
  2. Accurate = Biblical theology, a full course of systematic theology, discipleship with a plan for long term transformational growth and more can all be extracted from this concise diagram.
  3. Natural = It is a picture from Psalm 1, which means it is natural to biblical imagery. It is a fruit bearing tree planted by flowing water which means it is natural to anyone who enjoys scenery.
1 Page Worldview and Life Plan

ReNew within the Story

Live like a tree whose leaves are fresh, producing fruit in due season.

ReAlign in the Story

Be intentionally rooted in God’s message of hope revealed in Jesus.

ReThink the Story

God’s message of hope is about love overcoming death.

Ready, set……………………………………….GO!!!

I have struggled with writing this out for over a decade. One challenge has been my constant checking, and rechecking, to see if it really is as comprehensive and genuine as I thought. It is now being used in various places around the world. Increasingly I am hearing of people I don’t know who are using it consistently and find it to be tremendously helpful.



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